A System Approach

TargetING Markets

While the Invest Us Legacy processes is easily executed in any geographic area, the company is currently targeting the mid US states including North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Texas, Michigan, Arizona, and Georgia. The company will be expanding operations nationwide in 2022, after the first year of operations gains traction. Because of the principals’ extensive land acquisition experience, the company will acquire properties that historically have been attractive to private investors, individuals desiring land for homebuilding, real estate developers, general contractors, and institutions. Purchasing land below market value requires different moving parts put together in order to successfully acquire a property with demand.

  • Define what your ideal property looks like (e.g. – size, uses, zoning, location, value, etc.)
  • Establish budget for marketing and acquisition.
  • Identify state and local laws that may apply to vacant land transactions.
  • Determine whether you intend to sell for cash or with seller financing (or both).
  • Find out what property information is available.