Where do you purchase the property?

We go deep, not wide. While we can purchase land anywhere in the US, we target geographic markets we believe through research to be the most lucrative. We are currently focused on the south-central US.


What sort of property do you purchase?

Property of virtually any classification or zoning class, as long as our research determines it worthy of consideration.


Do you have competitors?

Yes and no. Yes, we may compete with developers or realtors with a strong balance sheet and are also considering the same property. No, we know of no other company that has our technology and business model?


What’s the difference between investing in Investus Legacy vs. investing in real estate myself?

There are two main differences. First, Investus Legacy has a proprietary process of using big data to identify real estate undervalued and likely to offer a higher return on investment. Secondly, the return on your investment is fixed, based on the amount of your subscription, not the cost of the land purchase. The more you invest, the greater the percent of your return.


Big data?

Without going into great detail, we pull sales, tax, ownership, trend, and municipal data from various resources. The data itself is available to anyone; it’s what we do with the data that sets us apart.


Secret sauce?



Are my earnings guaranteed?

No. The truth is, very few investments are guaranteed. We do, however, use our bank of property as collateral should it be needed.


What is the minimum investment?

We have a tiered investment offering, beginning at $50,000.


How do I invest?

Call 855-917-0878 to discuss your opportunities with a member of our management team.